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Sadia Hayden and Safiyah Hayden were born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. The Hayden Sisters teamed together for their online blog. July 2013 – Yes, the fireworks are on! These two New York based bloggers are reporting their love for beach and beauty; dedicated to all women. Their sisterly bond is full of love. The Hayden sisters are not journalists, their love for fashion and beauty lives within them.

Sadia Hayden’s love for fashion was undeniable. She started to dress herself at the age of 7. When others noticed her style growing up, that inspired her to do more with fashion. She used her imagination and fantasies to draw and create her own individual designs. She dreams to become the next Tina Knowles in fashion. Designing costumes is Sadia’s first passion and moving to the Fashion Capital (New York) in 2008 was a dream come true. This put her in route to pursuing her dreams to become a costume designer. Sadia had her first opportunity in the fashion world with designer George Simonton in 2010 as an intern which help her find her niche. 2011 Sadia intern with Mel Ottenberg, stylist of singer and songwriter Rihanna Fenty and she also had the chance to work with Rihanna costume designer Adam Selman. That experience help her have clear understanding of what she wanted to do in the fashion world. Designing always has her on cloud nine, Sadia’s motto toward pursuing her dream – “being patient and learning my craft is the key”

Sadia attended Fashion Institute of Technology where she found her love for swimwear. Sadia isn’t limiting herself. She noticed that there was a lack of coverage brought to women online for luxe swimwear and she felt that it was time for her to bring it. Sadia will give both her advise and opinion on beachwear. Sadia Hayden- Beachwear Expert.

Safiyah Hayden fell in love with modeling at a young age. She grew up tuning into the Mercedes Benz Fashion Shows that broadcasted every week on TV. Seeing the latest fashion and famous catwalks was her inspiration and motivation to become a high fashion model. Tyra Banks is Safiyah’s, favorite model Icon.

Moving to New York in 2010 helped her find her niche, “beauty”, and then the dots were connected. “Beauty goes beyond looks. It’s the inside that shines through that becomes beautiful”, Safiyah says. Safiyah’s impeccable drive and her “dream big” attitude keeps her soul going. Safiyah is brave and no matter what challenges come her way she knows how to storm through and let her beauty shine. She will bring all things Beauty, and dare you to be Beautified!

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