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By safiyah

Beauty trends has come and gone, thankfully hightlighting and contouring get’s better with time. When it comes to highlighting and contouring your best features, picking a good product is the key. Whether it is enhancing your cheek bones, slimming your nose or sculpting your face.



When contouring it’s important to go with a color one shade darker than your skin tone. Anything that stands out too much will look obvious. There are so many different products out there you can try. Find what works for you. Shown above is Blunt by MAC


Highlighting is very important when contouring, because it brings the light to your face. Applying over your brow, above your cheek bones, and to the tip of your nose, will achieve the look. It is very easy to apply too much. A dab on your brush or use your finger to apply in a upward position. Shown above is Soft & Gentle by MAC.


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