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Simple 5 Steps To Apply Foundation

By safiyah


Finding your perfect foundation can be very confusing and  if you do not know your skin type or how your skin type play, you may find yourself unhappy. Selecting the right foundation for your skin is very important, so take your time, seek and find…





1.Select the right color! Foundation is the basis for the rest of your makeup.

2. Always start with a clean face.

3. Apply Moisture and Primer- Moisturing always before anything. Primer helps your makeup look fabulous!

4. Use a Sponge or a Brush- Apply your makeup and a upward position all over. Pat dry to get any crease and line forms from applying your foundation.

5.Concealer- use concealer and the areas that are not perfected such as dark spots, acne and scars. Just to get your face a complete finish.





There are many types of foundations, loose powders, creams, liquids and more! I usually use a cream base or liquid foundation. What are your favorite foundations?


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