Published since April 1st 2014.

Must Have: Prep + Prime BY MAC!

By safiyah

Have you heard that saying if you don’t prime it’s a Crime? Ladies it’s true, just as you would prime your wall before you paint, you would do the same with priming your face before you apply your foundation.



¬†Mac Prep+Prime is prefect to apply after moisturizer, and before foundation. It’s designed to extend the wear of your foundation, fine lines, and pores imperfections. Having your skin look flawless is the KEY!


The consistency of this product is very lightweight, creamy and soft to skin. It has some shimmer, which is not visible on the face when applied. It absorb easily to skin, you wouldn’t notice or feel like you have too much on. One or two squirts of Mac Prep + Prime is enough for a full coverage.

TIPS: 1. Always start with a clean face. 2. Moisturizer  3. Primer 4.Foundation.




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