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By safiyah

Classic red lipstick is a must-have! This is one hue that can be worn throughout the year and will always be in style. Choosing the right red lipstick is not as fun as you think. Trying on different red hues can be confusing at times. Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the color that may be the problem, it could be the brightness or intensity. Just try on as many as possible and you will find your favorite shade.



Also, most importantly Confidence wears it better! Another reason why I believe selecting the correct lipstick is so dang on hard is because things such as hair color, eye color, eye makeup, and your make up style can affect your hot red look.



Ladies, I suggest if you have fair skin, I think orange-reds will “POP” brighter! Darker skin tones can also rock orange-reds and blue reds. Here are my three favorite red lipsticks that I think that you should try.

1.RiRi-Woo by MAC

2. YSL- Rouge Volupte

3. Lancôme- L’absolu rouge. 


Ladies have fun in your favorite red lips!


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